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Monica Lewinsky says she was uninvited from social change event because Bill Clinton was attending

2023-05-09 02:51:33

Monica Lewinsky says she was uninvited from social change event because Bill Clinton was attending(图1)

Monica Lewinsky says she was uninvited from social change event because Bill Clinton was attending

Yeah, it's 2018 and this is still happening. 

Monica Lewinsky called out a faux pas on Twitter on Wednesday after she was uninvited from an event.

The former White House intern and anti-bullying activist says she was invited to an event about social change -- considering she's an ambassador for several bullying prevention organizations and a board member on another, she is an ideal guest. But when former President Bill Clinton planned to attend, Lewinsky's invitation was allegedly revoked.

According to the Huffington Post(opens in a new tab), the offender was Town & Country Magazine, which held its Philanthropy Summit on Wednesday.

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The summit's speakers included Bill Clinton and Parkland survivor and gun control activist Emma Gonzalez.

"It's 2018," Lewinsky said on Twitter, "emily post would def not approve."

Author Emily Post wrote "Emily Post's Etiquette," a book that covered everything from which fork to use at dinner to what's appropriate to discuss at the dinner table. She's also famous for saying, “A gentleman does not boast about his junk.”

Emily Post definitely would not have approved. Credit: United States Library of Congress

And then Lewinsky called out the event's organizers, tweeting, "Please don't try to ameliorate the situation by insulting me with an offer of an article in your mag."

On Twitter people shared their support for Lewinsky after she publicized the situation. Gina McGalliard, a journalist, pointed out that it's surprising that Clinton is still invited to events in the #MeToo era.

And others, like Erin Gloria Ryan, a TV writer, and Andrew Shaffer, an author, said they'd choose Lewinsky over Clinton any day.

Clinton was served with articles of impeachment in 1998 for lying about his affair with Lewinsky, then a 22-year-old White House intern. Their relationship was revealed while Clinton was being investigated for a sexual harassment claim. Although Clinton was acquitted and served the rest of his term as president, Lewinsky's reputation was significantly damaged.

Earlier this year, Lewinsky tweeted about how she's marked Jan. 16, the date the affair essentially went public in 1998, as "the day i survived another year" and asked fellow survivors to retweet if they "survived the unimaginable" too.

Lewinsky has been especially outspoken since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke -- she wrote(opens in a new tab) about it in Vanity Fair. "My trauma expedition has been long, arduous, painful, and expensive," she said. "And it’s not over."

Mashable has reached out to both Monica Lewinsky and Town & Country Magazine for comment.

UPDATE: May 9, 2018, 5:49 p.m. PDT: A representative referred us to Lewinsky's tweets when asked for comment.

UPDATE: May 10, 2018, 10:24 a.m. PDT: Town & Country issued the following statement via Twitter.

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  • Two people trying to run the same government agency makes for a really awkward first day

    Two people trying to run the same government agency makes for a really awkward first day


    Revolutionaries, take note -- if you're planning a government takeover, please use high quality breakfast pastries.

    That's a lesson that White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney(opens in a new tab) apparently hadn't learned when he stepped into the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau today. He was there to take on an additional job as the agency's director.

    The only problem? The agency's acting director, Leandra English, refused to cede it to him, in the workplace drama of the decade.

    As a Trump appointee, Mulvaney wasn't exactly welcomed at at the job, so he brought crappy Dunkin' Donuts as a way to "ease" himself into an agency he's expected to destroy.

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    On Friday, Director Richard Cordray(opens in a new tab) stepped down, leaving English to serve as acting director. Last night, English filed a lawsuit claiming that she is the "rightful acting director" of the agency. English has asked the court to impose a temporary restraining order to prevent Trump from appointing anyone, arguing that she is entitled to her position under the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Law(opens in a new tab).

    None of that stopped Mulvaney. On Monday, the Budget Director stepped into the CFPB, ready to take on his new job.

    This is how English responded in an email sent to 1,600 staff.

    "I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. With Thanksgiving in mind, I wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude to all of you for your service,” English said(opens in a new tab), signing the note with her title, "Acting Director."

    And that, my friends, is what we call a death drop.

    Via Giphy(opens in a new tab)

    Here's how Mulvaney responded:

    “Please disregard any instructions you receive from Ms. English in her presumed capacity as acting director.” Mulvaney said(opens in a new tab). “I apologize for this being the very first thing you hear from me. However, under the circumstances I suppose it is necessary. If you’re at 1700 G Street today, please stop by the fourth floor to say hello and grab a doughnut.”

    If Mulvaney, a budget hawk, thinks he can sway members of an agency whose jobs he's poised to eliminate with Dunkin' Donuts, he's out of his mind. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau(opens in a new tab) was explicitly designed to protect consumers from banks and credit card companies. Mulvaney once famously called the agency "sad" and "sick." He is not, as members of the agency likely know, their friend.

    And dude, if you're going to try and win your staff over with breakfast pastries, at least go for something slightly more delicious than Dunkin'. Some suggestions:

    • Krispy Kreme

    • (图2)

      Entenmann's Coffee Cake

    • Savory bacon cheddar scones

    • Literally anything else

    The case is currently being decided. In the meantime, here's Twitter's majority opinion on the issue:

    Chef José Andrés, the man who single-handedly served 3 million meals to Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria, had the best response of them all.

    Case closed.

  • Woman posts video of crocodile attack, and it is heartstopping

    Woman posts video of crocodile attack, and it is heartstopping


    Welp, this is a close call.

    A tourist was bitten on the leg by a crocodile on at Cape Tribulation in Queensland, Australia on Monday night, while standing on a creek bank close to the waters edge.

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    A Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) spokesperson said in a statement the crocodile was estimated to be 2 to 2.5 metres (78 to 98 inches) long.

    A video posted on the Facebook page of Ally Bullifent shows the crocodile attack, which comes out of nowhere. It'll be sure to give you a shock.


    The EHP said it would carry out a site assessment of the area on Tuesday, and will possibly target the crocodile "for removal" as it has displayed dangerous behaviour in a designated area. This means it'll be moved to a crocodile farm or a zoo, according to the Cairns Post(opens in a new tab).

    For authorities, it also serves as a reminder about staying safe in areas where crocodiles might be around. Earlier this year, an 18-year-old boy was attacked by a crocodile while reportedly trying to impress a girl.

  • Town crier who announced Prince Harrys engagement to Meghan Markle is 100% fake

    Town crier who announced Prince Harrys engagement to Meghan Markle is 100% fake


    England, with its quirky traditions and old-fashioned customs, is a land of endless fascination for outsiders, nominally for people from the former colony of the U.S.

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    So it's understandable why a town crier -- with his elaborate, red and gold robed dress and tricorn hat -- attracted people's attention on social media when he was depicted in an ABC News video as he announces the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement outside of Buckingham Palace:

    "Oyez, oyez, oyz!" He yells in the video. "Buckingham Palace is proud to announce the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. God save the Queen!" 

    It can't get any more British than this.

    Business Insider posted a similar video, calling him "the Royal Town Crier":

    However, it turns out the eccentric guy is not officially appointed by the Queen, nor is he a real town crier. His real name is Tony Appleton, from Romford, east London, and he's been making royal announcements for years, bell and scroll on hand.


    In 2013, he fooled prominent American broadcasters(opens in a new tab) including Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper when he announced the birth of Prince William and Kate's firstborn, Prince George, outside St. Mary's Hospital.

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    SEE ALSO: 'Town crier' who announced Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle is 100% fake

    But what if behind the jolly facade of a couple in love wishing to declare their commitment before God and the nation there's an actual conspiracy to reclaim a former colony, lost in a never-forgotten, embittered war?

    That's the joke Greg Pollowitz, editor at, dug up to explain the royal announcement:

    Meghan Markle is American, so the future offspring will be Americans! Da-daam! Boom! Mic drop!

    via GIPHY(opens in a new tab)

    It was just a cheeky tweet, but it went absolutely viral and people just loved it:

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    The video was captured by Joris Wiggers and posted on Facebook by Elizabeth Herman(opens in a new tab). It's not entirely clear that the dog knows how to get his paw off the horn, but no problem, doggo, that's what driver's permits are for.


    Can someone please call this dog an Uber?

  • Arbys bought Buffalo Wild Wings, so heres what a combined menu would look like

    Arbys bought Buffalo Wild Wings, so heres what a combined menu would look like


    On Tuesday it was announced that Arby's owner Roark Capital will acquire(opens in a new tab) Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.4 billion (or roughly(opens in a new tab) 162,271,805 orders of BWW House Samplers).

    Per Reuters(opens in a new tab), though the wings restaurant will become property of Arby's, it'll still operate on its own.

    SEE ALSO: This edible Alien Facehugger chicken will haunt your dreams

    We think this is a huge mistake.

    Consider the disturbing menu possibilities a marriage of Arby's meats and BWW wings might afford us.

    Our suggestions for this menu full of abominations below:

    • A half-pound Beef 'N Cheddar sandwich dipped in Bourbon Honey Mustard sauce, rolled in Desert Heat seasoning and deep fried

    • An entire smoked brisket coated in Blazin' hot sauce and served whole on a bed of deep-fried Cheddar Cheese Curds

    • Potato cakes drenched in Wild sauce

    • Beer-battered roast beef tacos

    • An Arby's House Sampler, featuring 12 classic Roast Beef sandwiches stacked in a pyramid

    • A Crispy Chicken Farmhouse Salad dressed with Hot BBQ sauce

    • (图2)

      Boneless Wings coated in Cheddar Cheese sauce

    • A Corned Beef 'N Cheese Slider cut up into pieces and sprinkled over Buffalo Mac & Cheese

    • A Cheese Curd Bacon Burger with a Pizza Slider speared on top

    • Every Arby's slider stacked in a tower and adhered to each another with smears of Parmesan Garlic sauce

    • The pastry shell of an Apple Turnover, filled with the B-Dubs Blender shake flavor of your choice

    • A large Ultimate Chocolate Shake blended with a slice of Chocolate Fudge Cake and drizzled over a plate of Dessert Nachos

    • Cheesecake Bites

  • Cops share photo of a driver that went a little too hard with their Christmas tree

    Cops share photo of a driver that went a little too hard with their Christmas tree


    Look, if you want to cut down a massive Christmas tree, and stick it up inside your two-story living room, go for it. But maybe don't endanger anyone's life in the process.

    Police in Massachusetts put up a post on their Facebook page on Friday, reminding people to please transport their Christmas trees safely. They really shouldn't have to do this, but here we are.

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    "One of our officer's stopped this vehicle on Route 20 today," the cops said on Facebook(opens in a new tab), posting a photo of what appears to be a Prius topped with a Christmas tree.

    The tree is so large, it completely obstructs the view of the side and rear windows. It's not clearly visible, but we're also guessing that it wasn't tied down very well.


    While the tree transport was outrageous to say the least, most people in the comments were upset that the police decided to call the tree a "holiday tree" instead of a Christmas tree.

  • The best Maxine Waters moments of 2017

    The best Maxine Waters moments of 2017


    2017 was the year Congresswoman Maxine Waters was elected president of All in With Chris Hayes.

    From the moment she declared that the director of the FBI had "no legitimacy" and then death dropped in front of a gaggle of shellshocked reporters, 79-year-old Auntie Maxine has had our blood loyalty. Every floor she walked on in 2017, whether it was in the Capitol or at the MTV Movie Awards, became her stage and ultimately, a property in her empire.

    More so than any other "deplorable" president with a Ziploc bag of fleas for a brain, Maxine Waters was the de facto leader of the free world/MSNBC in 2017.

    SEE ALSO: Interview: Maxine Waters thinks millennials can change politics for everyone (yes, everyone)

    Congresswoman Waters gave us so many viral gifts in 2017. Here are just a few of them.

    1. The time she accused James Comey of having no credibility and then just walked on out

    2. When she revealed that she was "never going to go" to Trump's Inauguration because, "I don't honor him, I don't respect him and I don't want to be involved with him."

    3. The time she was asked what she would do once she was done impeaching Trump, and she replied: "Impeach Pence."

    4. When she delivered MTV's first ever "Best Fight Against the System" award, did a plié, and got a standing ovation.

    5. When she tweeted that it was time for our "racist throwback" Attorney General to go back "to the plantation"

    6. Her "Bye, Felicia" moment

    7. When she busted out this stunner of jean jacket, rose pants ensemble at the Tax March

    Credit: tom williams/CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

    8. When she started railing against Trump and told a room full of supporters, "We've got to stop his ass"

    9. The moment she just said it:


    10. And the tweet that did it too:

    11. That day Bill O'Reilly tried to humiliate Auntie Maxine and just ... lol, sorry bro. She can't be intimidated.

    12. When she "reclaimed her time" from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

    13. So the internet did too

    14. And the Women's March made "Reclaiming my time" the theme of a whole convention

    Credit: rachel woolf/The Washington Post/Getty Images

    15. When Congresswoman Maxine Waters finally passed on her torch to the generation that needs it the most.

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  • Whats in Tablos watch history? NewJeans, AI, and the fall of FTX.

    Whats in Tablos watch history? NewJeans, AI, and the fall of FTX.

    In the weeks leading up to his group Epik High's new album Strawberry, 42-year-old Tablo has been marketing the project with the zeal of a chronically online millennial. "I've been making memes since before memes existed, for a good 15, 16 years," he says, explaining why he's chosen to whip up dozens of them to promote Strawberry across his Instagram and Twitter accounts. "I have hundreds of memes ready to go. I'm ready."

    Tablo and bandmates Tukutz and Mithra are architects of Korean hip-hop, and Tablo's tech nerd-dom may have helped them get there. "I think it's one of the reasons why Epik High has had longevity. We were one of the first artists in Korea to be on Twitter, to put our content on YouTube." And when we asked him to send a list of videos he recently watched, he took the request literally. "I'm assuming that other [Watch History guests] curate it. Maybe that's what I was supposed to do, but I went straight into my actual history. These were five that I had literally downloaded from YouTube."

    From a crypto collapse to K-pop newcomers, here are his top picks.

    1. "Sam Bankman-Fried Interviewed Live About the Collapse of FTX"

    Mashable: Hey Tablo! You went to Stanford I'm wondering if your interest in FTX is a result of a subconscious affinity with Silicon Valley.

    Tablo: Hey! Yeah, it's possible. When I was there I went out of my way to distance myself from all the tech stuff that was going on around me. My first year roommate, Steven Chau, was one of the early people at Google. He helped make Google Maps and invent Street View, and then he moved on to [product management] at Uber. At the time, Google was setting up a table in the Stanford quad and giving out flyers that said "use Google." That's how early and exciting it was. But I had already defined myself as an artist. I was very aware of how entrepreneurial Silicon Valley was, and I was worried that my artistic side would naturally conform. These are thoughts that only an 18-year-old would have. Like, "I don't want to be like swallowed up by this startup world and become a billionaire."

    God forbid!

    Yeah, God forbid I go with my roommate and do this Google thing and make millions of dollars. I need to protect myself from that and become the poet or whatever I'm meant to be. Luckily, it worked out, but I do regret it sometimes. And I think it's seeped into me because I have a huge interest in tech.

    I watched this [interview with failed FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried] in its entirety, waiting to get on a plane in Bangkok. What I was interested in was that this guy was clearly lying. And he had literally destroyed the life savings of ordinary people. When I heard that the New York Times was going to do an interview with him, it sort of messed with my brain. I was like, "I have yet to see a single interview of the victims, all of the people who were affected by this." But this guy was all over the media.

    I felt like, "Are we gonna just keep listening to this guy lie? OK, let's see how they approached this interview." It was fascinating watching him in front of an audience from a sociological, human level. Leading up to this interview the headlines about this dude were glowing. Instead of "this many people got hurt [by this exchange]," the headlines were like, "the failed dream of a young man." How are these headlines even real? Innocent until proven guilty applies both ways. You can't have glowing headlines that sympathize with someone.

    It's a little bit of like, did you keep up with what happened with Theranos?

    Of course! WeWork and all of those companies

    The myth of the founder that was supposed to be a genius and then fucked it all up. Maybe that's a result of the media attention paid to previous fraudsters or scammers.

    I don't even think the word fraud or scam cuts it. This guy just literally took people's money and used it as his own. So he just stole. Theranos, WeWork, Bernie Madoff — these people are in our collective cultural consciousness. There's this fascination I have about why we're fascinated. I've had this theory [that we're] interested in the fall of people we deem to be stars because the perfect examples don't really teach us much. Law abiding citizens going for their dreams and living happily ever after — that's what everyone wants [for themselves], but I don't know if there's much to learn from that other than being inspired. But there is a lot to learn from watching people fall. Our most most loved or stories are about heroes falling. Even in the Bible, Lucifer, all the Greek heroes. Now we get it in real life, in documentary form.

    2. "Bob Dylan San Francisco Press Conference 1965"

    If that's one type of press conference for one type of idol, Bob Dylan's press conference is a similar format but a completely different type of dialogue. What intrigues you about it?

    This is a video that I watch every six, seven months. Bob Dylan is very at odds with everyone else in the room. He's there to promote his thing but unhappy to be there. You can see him sort of detached, watching this and laughing at it. I liked this press conference so much that we did a parody of it introducing our new album [on the track "Strawberry"(Opens in a new tab)].

    What about Bob Dylan were you trying to emulate?

    I think it's less about emulating. I identified with [Dylan] because I have been in rooms like that where I was put on a stage and people are treating me like I'm of some importance. But at the same time, I'm feeling a lot of disdain [from them]. In those situations, some people panic or get angered or frustrated. But usually I laugh. In my life, in my career, I've gone through absolutely horrible things. It's really hard to find humor in it, but I somehow do. I think that's my natural disposition. That's what I recognize about what Bob Dylan is doing in this press conference. He's the only one in that room aware of the ridiculousness of the whole thing.

    The poet Allen Ginsberg, Dylan's friend, is in the audience. It was interesting to me that Ginsberg acted almost like a co-conspirator, lobbing funny questions at Dylan and laughing along with him. They're in on the joke together. Just like you and Mithra and Tukutz. You have your own people in the room that get you.

    That's a great point. I think I watch it to remind myself to never take myself seriously. Young Bob Dylan was, at least in my eyes, the master of that. He's often in rooms where everyone is overly serious about his art, and the guy at the center of it is somehow able to recognize how ridiculous it is. Epik High has always been like that. And sometimes I need to remind myself to keep that going. Because that's the only way you're gonna stay sane in a world where Sam Bankman-Fried is sitting in shorts, chillin' on an island [and being interviewed by the New York Times]. We need to always recognize how surreal and how ridiculous it all is.

    3. "The Real Danger Of ChatGPT"

    How do you feel about a potential future where songwriters use AI tools like ChatGPT to write music?

    There's a video I posted to my Instagram where I asked ChatGPT to write a rap in the style of Epik High. I posted it because it was funny but, of course, it's not great. Something ChatGPT wrote is not going to be as good as if I write it. But we have to be aware that these things get exponentially better. I posted the video with a caption like, "I quit my job today."

    Science fiction is only a fiction until it becomes actual science. To not be replaced, you've got to figure out some way to utilize [AI] where you're still a part of the equation.


    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

    The way I approach technology is: The minute you know about it, it's a waste of time to sit around and discuss whether or not it's good. Because it's there. We have to discuss how to handle it. Chat GPT is going to fundamentally change the way we communicate and create, and it can't just be a cheat.

    I would rather anybody doing creative work at all say "how can I use this to heighten what I do?" instead of "it will never be as good as me." Because it could be. Science fiction is only a fiction until it becomes actual science. To not be replaced, you've got to figure out some way to utilize [AI] where you're still a part of the equation.

    And I mean, some people are just terrible writers. They're gonna need some help.

    4. "11 Great Movie Monologues"

    I would talk to you about that for another 20 minutes, but I have to move us along. Tell me about the 11 greatest movie monologues.

    It's funny that we're talking about this right after Chat GPT. Classic monologues, well-written soliloquies, and dialogue have always been a favorite genres of mine. I always was interested in writing, and I imagined that I would become a filmmaker or a screenwriter at one point in my life. And it was because of these great speeches, both in the real world and the fictional world. I'll listen to the YouTube video as I'm cleaning the house. All I'm doing is vacuuming, but a monologue comes on and I'm like, "I'm vacuuming with a purpose!" There are all kinds of these compilations on YouTube, and I watch them frequently when I need some kind of encouragement or assurance.

    I noticed all 11 were men. I need one from a powerful woman!

    It just tells you that we need better written female characters, right?

    Absolutely, and you said earlier that you used to want to write scripts.

    I've been working on one for a couple of years. It's a scripted show with Scooter Braun's company based on my experiences, my story. Maybe later if things work out I can tell other stories as well.

    Would you also compose the music for that show?

    I mean, if they wanted me to.

    It might be nice to hear how someone else interprets your story.

    Right, that might be cool, too. I recently did the music for a Korean series that's going to be on Netflix, though I don't think I can say the name yet. I'm more interested in making music for another person's project.

    5. NewJeans (뉴진스) "Ditto" Official MV (side A)

    My watch history is basically videos I watched alone at an airport or videos I watched with my daughter. What I really liked about this NewJeans project is that there's a larger story that they're telling [about] a young person that is feeling alienated. It very poetically expresses what someone of that age is going through. My daughter will be entering that age pretty soon. She's 12 right now, and she was like "Dad, you've got to check out this video. The story of the girl in here really got to me."

    I love that people that are still innovating. Whatever perception we have of what K-pop looks and sounds like, they're clearly widening the envelope. And I'm hoping to see more of this. Judging by the video, I think they're literally working with like a short film kind of [director]. One of the artists that wrote on "Ditto," The Black Skirts, used to be an artist that was signed to me. I love that someone who people would think is like an indie musician who's distanced themselves from K-pop is writing on a K-pop song. In another NewJeans video, one of the members is Siri, and that sequence is amazing. I think there's someone [behind it] that is also aware of things that are unique to current times. 

    Have you looked into the lore of how the group's music videos connect?

    My daughter explained it to me. I was like, "Oh, this [project] has a worldview." A lot of the money behind K-pop and a lot of the people making decisions seem to underestimate young people, which is ironic because that's where their power and wealth comes from. I sense a little bit of that disrespect because the some of the content that they're putting out... I'm not saying it's bad! It's good. Everything in K-pop is done well. But I can see that whoever was making decisions is underestimating the 12-year-old, like my daughter, or the 15-year-old teenager, thinking that this is the extent of what they want.

    I feel like [the NewJeans team] respect[s] that my 12-year-old daughter can think about issues like alienation and anxiety and technology and the deeper lore behind things. They don't think that just excellent dancing and singing and pristine looking videos are going to be enough.

    I would argue that's what made BTS so successful. So much of it was down to their storytelling of friendship throughout death and loss. It's really wild as I've been reporting on this over the last couple of years to see some other companies not catch on. When I talk to them, they really don't get it.

    They don't get it. And when they see that that [strategy] works and try it, you can totally see they don't actually get it. So it becomes this horrendous mess of not understanding what it is. BTS is a great example. They were able to deliver visuals and music and lyrics in a way that allowed their fans to feel like they understood that they were complex beings. That factor is underestimated by a lot of others in the industry.

    That's sort of what made Epik High what it was. When we first launched into the stratosphere, I think it was because of that whole thing, the lore and the thinking involved. I have always perceived my audience — no matter what age they are, no matter who they are — as complicated and complex as I am. And that my content needs to be as honest as I can be. I always have people around me asking, "Will they get it, though?" And I think that's the worst question to ask. Of course they'll get it — they are alive, aren't they? Anybody that's living a life is super complicated and complex and is capable of so many different emotions. They're just not given an opportunity to feel them.

  • Gary Oldmans son decries clickbait stories about fathers 2001 domestic abuse allegation


    Gary Oldmans son decries clickbait stories about fathers 2001 domestic abuse allegation

    Gary Oldman scored his first Academy Award on Sunday. Now, his son has some choice words for anyone attacking the Best Actor winner's character.

    Some background is in order. The senior Oldman has faced backlash during the 2017/2018 awards season over an alleged domestic abuse incident stemming back to 2001. The allegation was brought to bear by ex-wife Donya Fiorentino, with whom Oldman had two children.

    SEE ALSO: Here are a few of our favorite acceptance speeches from this year’s Oscars

    The details of the case are quite involved(opens in a new tab), though it should be noted that Oldman never faced any criminal charges and, when he and Fiorentino divorced, he was granted full custody of their two children. Fiorentino, for her part, reminded the world as recently as Monday that she sees her ex-husband as an "abuser."

    Responding to Oldman's Best Actor win, Fiorentino's statement to TMZ(opens in a new tab) brought up the ongoing social changes that have done so much to root out toxic public figures. She asked, "What happened to the #MeToo movement?"

    Oldman faced similar criticisms(opens in a new tab) throughout the awards season, and Fiorentino wasn't alone in pointing back to that after Sunday's awards ceremony. Now, Oldman's 20-year-old son Gulliver — one of the two he shares with Fiorentino — who says he was present when the 2001 incident allegedly occurred, has come to the defense of his father in an open letter.

    "I have grown up in the world we are accustomed to now, where people are guilty until proven innocent. It’s a shame to see that “clickbait journalism” or judgement by headline, is designed to make one jump to conclusions without receiving the full range of fact that may be detailed in a piece, whether it be online or otherwise," the younger Oldman writes.

    "In the case of my father, there is only innocence. There never has been any guilt."

    He goes on to reference the fact that his father was granted custody of both the children he had with Fiorentino, noting that such a judgment doesn't typically fall in favor of a "wife beater." That he lived with his father after the divorce is "proof enough."

    Later, he describes how he and his brother both "have played the role of pawn on numerous occasions ... in a big game our mother has been desperately trying to play against our father." Fiorentino, he says, has been "a sad and very troubled person most of her life."

    Toward the end, he acknowledges the changes that have been brought about by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and the challenge of defending a man accused of wrongdoing in the current climate. But he also makes clear an important distinction in his relationship to this situation: He was present when it allegedly happened.

    "Being a full supporter of this movement, I can see how coming out with a statement to combat an allegation must look. However, I was there at the time of the 'incident,' so I’d like to make this radiantly clear: it didn’t happen. Anyone who says it did is lying."

    You can read Gulliver Oldman's full letter below.

  • Titos Vodka would like to remind you that it *isnt* a replacement for hand sanitizer

    Titos Vodka would like to remind you that it *isnt* a replacement for hand sanitizer

    Tito's Vodka would like to remind the general public that you can't douse your hands in vodka in place of using hand sanitizer.


    As panic over the new coronavirus spreads, stores across the country are running out of face masks and hand sanitizer. While the shortage could be easily avoided if people just washed their hands correctly, it's clearly not enough for concerned Twitter users. Some are resorting to making their own hand sanitizer(Opens in a new tab), which consists of two parts 99 percent isopropyl alcohol and one part aloe vera gel. As the Verge(Opens in a new tab) notes, you can also swap out isopropyl alcohol with vodka, as long as it's 180 proof or higher.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)(Opens in a new tab) guidelines, hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60 percent alcohol to be considered effective.

    In a world where we have to remind people to wash their hands regularly — and not just when we're under the threat of a viral pandemic — we naturally have to remind people that Tito's vodka is not a replacement for hand sanitizer.

    The company took to Twitter to reaffirm that with an alcohol content of only 40 percent, it doesn't meet CDC guidelines for hand sanitizer. "Tito's Handmade Vodka is 40 percent alcohol, and therefore does not meet the current recommendation of the CDC," the company said in a statement.

    It kept going. In replies to Twitter users, the company also reminded people to wash their hands with soap and water.

    A Tito's spokesperson told the Dallas Morning News(Opens in a new tab) that the company wanted to "set the record straight" after seeing misinformation about using vodka as hand sanitizer spreading on social media.

    "While it would be good for business for our fans to use massive quantities of Tito's for hand sanitizer, it would be a shame to waste the good stuff, especially if it doesn't sanitize," the spokesperson said. "Which is doesn't, per the CDC."

    And again, we must remind you that hand washing is also an effective way to protect yourself against the coronavirus, which causes the deadly COVID-19 that has claimed(Opens in a new tab) 3,280 lives as of Thursday.

    To effectively wash your hands, the CDC recommends(Opens in a new tab) lathering your hands with soap, scrubbing for at least 20 seconds — about two rounds of "Happy Birthday" — and thoroughly washing between the fingers and under the nails.

    Then you can pour yourself a nice big glass of vodka.

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    CARD ID: 486717

  • The UK has started testing a 4-day work week

    The UK has started testing a 4-day work week

    The prospect of a four-day working week sounds like the stuff of fantasy. But, a pilot of a four-day working week has launched in the UK for six months with no loss of pay for thousands of participating employees.


    Kicking off today and running to December 2022, the trial(Opens in a new tab) is being run by researchers at Cambridge University, Boston College, and Oxford University, not-for-profit organisation 4 Day Week Global, UK think tank Autonomy, and the 4 Day Week UK Campaign. Over 70 UK-based businesses are participating and companies can still apply to take part(Opens in a new tab) in the pilot should they wish to.

    Joe O’Connor, pilot programme manager for 4 Day Week Global, said more and more businesses are moving to "productivity focused strategies" in an aim to reduce employees' hours without cutting their pay.

    "The four-day week challenges the current model of work and helps companies move away from simply measuring how long people are "at work," to a sharper focus on the output being produced. 2022 will be the year that heralds in this bold new future of work," he said.

    You'll have likely heard a lot of chatter about four-day work weeks. In 2021, Iceland published results from its years-long trial of a shorter work week. From 2015 to 2019, the country ran the world's largest trial of a shorter working week and — yep, you guessed it — the results showed that participants ended up happier, healthier, and more productive. In 2019, Microsoft Japan trialled a four-day week and found it boosted productivity by nearly 40 percent. The dream of the four-day week is now becoming a reality for many companies around the world. Panasonic recently introduced an optional four-day work week for employees.

    Canon's UK arm(Opens in a new tab) is one of six businesses signed up in the scheme. Ken Sutherland, the president of Canon Medical Research Europe, said(Opens in a new tab), "We recognise that working patterns and the focus we all give to our work-life balance has changed substantially during the pandemic. As a responsive employer we are always looking at how we can adapt our working practices to ensure that employees find their time with us is meaningful, fulfilling and productive. For this reason, we’re keen to pilot a four-day week to see if it can work for us."

    SEE ALSO: Panasonic is introducing an optional four-day work week

    In September, it was reported that Scotland would be trialling a four-day work week(Opens in a new tab), drawing on similar trials in Iceland and New Zealand.

    Figures show a strong level of support for the shorter working week. Researchers for financial firm Jefferies asked young Americans(Opens in a new tab) aged 22 to 35 if they would support a four-day week, with 80 percent of respondents saying yes.

    The prospect of three-day weekends all year round sounds pretty enticing. Fingers crossed the UK-wide trial goes well.

    UPDATE: Jun. 6, 2022, 11:35 a.m. GMT This article was first published when the trial was first announced in Jan. 2022, and updated with the commencement of the trial on June 6. We've amended some details within the story.

  • Battle of the bald: If Prince William isnt the sexiest bald man, who is?

    Battle of the bald: If Prince William isnt the sexiest bald man, who is?

    There are more references online to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, as "sexy" than there are for any other bald public figure. He is therefore, according to the internet, the world's sexiest bald man.


    Well. The internet begs to differ.

    The source of this "study" is cosmetic surgery specialists at Longevita, according to a report in the rather notorious U.K. tabloid(Opens in a new tab), The Sun (h/t The Independent(Opens in a new tab)). The report notes that William has been described as "sexy" in 17.6 million "blogs, reports, and pages found in Google searches," putting him far ahead of second- and third-place contenders Mike Tyson (8.8 million) and Jason Statham (7.4 million).

    Before you take issue with the study's source or methodology, know that I'm not here to validate its accuracy. I'm more focused on the response across social media, which seems to suggest that at least some of the "sexy" beefing up that 17.6 million figure is maybe not to be taken literally.

    Or, to put things another way, the internet has plenty of thoughts about sexy bald men. Plenty. The Duke of Cambridge is just not apparently on anyone's list. That's not meant to be read as a comment on William's looks; it's really about the greater thirst that seems to exist for other bald men.

    Take the Stanley Tucci stans. The Tucci Gang(Opens in a new tab), as it were.

    OK, confession: I only singled out Tucci so I could link to that Saturday Night Live sketch. But in general, the people of Twitter have risen up to decry the injustice of their preferred bald hottie not getting the respect he deserves.

    Honestly, kudos to Jezebel for having the best headline of the day.

    But it's Acknowledged Sexy Bald Man Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who stepped up with the best tweet.

    Just another Saturday on the internet. We're all tired. It's been a long, sickly year of dealing with a pandemic. We didn't wake up, sit down at the computer, and open social media to simply accept the implication that there's more online thirst for Prince William than there is for Tucci, Statham, Stewart, Moore, Strong, The Rock, and, apparently, Larry David.

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  • Church puts their nativity scene in a cage to protest Trumps immigration policies


    Church puts their nativity scene in a cage to protest Trumps immigration policies

    Traditionally, the nativity scene is pastoral -- meant to inspire feelings of joy, not gut-wrenching horror.

    No wonder, then, that the nativity scene recently posted outside of Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis(opens in a new tab) has inspired such a reaction. The Reverend Canon Lee Curtis had the statues of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph placed in a cage and displayed on the church's front lawn to symbolize the families currently detained indefinitely at the border.

    SEE ALSO: Colbert destroys Jeff Sessions for using the Bible to justify ripping families apart

    "The stark reality is many families have experienced or are experiencing this," Curtis told Mashable.

    The Reverend wants to communicate a clear message to those who witness the scene: "The holy family is every family. Every family is holy. We should aspire for families to be kept together ... [but] what's happening right now is indefinite detention."

    The nativity scene is on display in downtown Indianapolis. Credit: Christ church indianapolis

    Religious leaders have condemned(opens in a new tab) the administration for separating migrant parents from their children at the border and otherwise insisting on "zero tolerance."

    "The Holy scripture is clear about how we are to treat people trying to find safety for their families--we are to show mercy and welcome them," Christ Church Cathedral Dean and Rector Steve Carlsen said in a press release.

    The scene at night. Credit: christ church indianapolis

    Curtis hopes that people seriously process the icon, and that the image (and people's attention to the story) stays with them, even after the social media fury dies down.

    As of now, the Trump administration refuses to state how many migrant children have been separated from their parents at the border. Despite a looming court deadline(opens in a new tab), they are struggling to reunite those separated.

  • Florida man carries a live gator like a purse for a beer run


    Florida man carries a live gator like a purse for a beer run

    Florida is truly something else.

    A Florida resident decided to take a live gator for a beer run last week, tucking the reptile under his arm like a fashionable, but terrifying, clutch.

    In the Facebook video that went viral, the man strolls into a convenience store with the gator and casually asks, "Y'all got beer still?"

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    When he see someone standing by the cooler -- clearly a threat to the beer supply -- he asks, "You taking the last bit of beer?" Then the man wields the gator like a knight brandishing a lance during a joust and charges at the offender.

    Giggling, the gator wearer grabs a case of cold beer and brags, "It's alive."

    The man, identified as Robby Stratton, told ActionNewsJax that Facebook has been giving him "nothing but love, nothing but hate," and that he sees "a lot more love."

    When asked if he was under the influence during the beer run, Stratton replied, "a lot of the influence!"

    "It's not like I chased Grandma down in Publix with it or something," Stratton justified.

    "Why?" ActionNewsJax reporter Ryan Nelson asked.

    Stratton shrugged, and held up his case of beer: "Alcohol, man."

    Stratton is under investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who could be charged with a third degree felony for illegally possessing an alligator. According to ActionNewsJax(opens in a new tab), he could face up to a $5,000 fine or five years in prison.

    "They already talked to me," Stratton said, "They told me what I did was stupid."

    Although Stratton claimed that he didn't know where the gator came from, disturbing videos from the same night show him bragging about how he caught the gator.

    In the video, another man can be seen stepping on the gator, whose mouth is taped shut. Others, including Stratton, take turns picking up the gator.

    Stratton told ActionNewsJax that he was drinking during the first video and thought the gator was "fake or dead." He said that after making that infamous beer run, he released the (still living) gator into a nearby creek.

    "I definitely regret it," he admitted on camera. "It was stupid."

  • Yes, everything is hard, but at least your family isnt being circled by a great white shark

    Yes, everything is hard, but at least your family isnt being circled by a great white shark


    Sharks are invariably a part of the sea in Australia, but this encounter was a bit too close for one family.

    Jodie Brown was on a boat with her family of seven on Tuesday near the town of Port Victoria in South Australia, when a great white shark estimated to be five metres long began to circle them.

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    "It just swam up to the boat from behind and it was just circling us for about 20 minutes, it would just go round and come back again," Brown told The Advertiser(opens in a new tab).

    “We had to leave in the end to take two girls back to shore because they were freaked out, but the whole time it was just amazing."

    Brown told the newspaper the shark might've been attracted by the fish they were catching from the boat.

    In a video, people were told to stand away from the edge of the vessel, which measured 6 metres long -- only slightly larger than the shark.

    View this post on Instagram


    (opens in a new tab)

    "We were all in shock really because of the size and width of it ... it was an incredible experience because it's not often you're in the presence of something bigger and more powerful than yourself," Gemma Brown told Sunrise(opens in a new tab) on Thursday.

    Unfortunately the shark's appearance meant that swimming plans were put off, but it's certainly a freaky confrontation you won't see everyday.

  • Reuniting with teachers on Twitter is so incredibly wholesome

    Reuniting with teachers on Twitter is so incredibly wholesome

    Most days, Twitter is a digital hellscape. But the social media platform isn't all bad. Sometimes it helps reunite old friends, and in extremely wholesome cases, it reunites people with their former teachers.


    Student/teacher reunions are one of the most delightful interactions you can find on Twitter. And luckily for us, the summer of 2020 has brought together several noteworthy teachers and students.

    The most recent reunion, which took place on Wednesday night, was between actor Kerry Washington and her eighth grade teacher, Tiffany Bluemle.

    Washington hosted the third night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention on Wednesday. During her remarks, Washington gave a shoutout to her eighth grade teacher for teaching her about the Constitution.

    "When I was in seventh or eighth grade, we memorized the preamble of the Constitution," Washington said. "And I've never forgotten it. The first 15 words of our Constitution are, 'We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union.' We say 'more perfect' because our union is not without flaws."

    Bluemle, Washinton's former teacher, tweeted that she "nearly fell off the couch" when she heard the actor mention the eighth grade Constitutional Law class that she taught.

    "I was her teacher. And so proud of her professional accomplishments and political advocacy," Bluemle wrote.

    It wasn't long before Washington saw Bluemle's kind words, and tweeted her own response: "OMG!!!! Hi Thank you for watching!!!!! And thank you for inspiring me and sooo many other students!!!"

    Washington's heartfelt Twitter reunion with her eighth grade teacher came just days after Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez caught up with one of her former educators on the platform.

    Ocasio-Cortez delivered a DNC speech on Tuesday, but on August 12, after learning that she'd have only 60 seconds to deliver her remarks, she tweeted a poem by Dr. Benjamin E. Mays — one that U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings recited in his first speech to Congress(Opens in a new tab).

    Ocasio-Cortez's second grade teacher, Ms. Jacobs, replied to the tweet with supportive words, and the two shared and emotional moment.

    "You've got this. Remember all those poems we recited together in 2nd grade? It was prep for this moment. You've got this," Jacobs wrote.

    Ocasio-Cortez replied by saying, "Ms. Jacobs! Is that you?! Yes, I do remember the poems we recited in second grade! You prepared me perfectly for this moment. Thank you for teaching me, encouraging my growth, and believing in me as a child."

    Ms. Jacobs replied to her former student's tweet once more, and said, "You are my superhero!" She also said she still has the page Ocasio-Cortez wrote in her end-of-year teacher book, which we're going to need to see ASAP.

    Other Twitter users who have had especially influential teachers in their lives are able to appreciate reunions like these on a deeper level. And some just found it extremely touching to witness such unexpected reunions.

    For those who think that students are the only ones who benefit and learn from relationships with their teachers, just know, teachers cherish the bonds made, too. Just look at how much reconnecting meant to Ocasio-Cortez's second grade teacher.

  • Yet another World Cup reporter had to deal with sexual harassment on live TV


    Yet another World Cup reporter had to deal with sexual harassment on live TV

    Again and again, women in the media just keep(opens in a new tab) getting(opens in a new tab) harassed(opens in a new tab) while they're just trying to do their jobs.

    Taking a stand against this was Julia Guimarães, a sports reporter for Brazil's TV Globo and sportv, who ripped into a man who tried to kiss her during a live cross in front of a stadium in Yekaterinburg prior to the Senegal vs. Japan match on Sunday.

    SEE ALSO: Anime theme brings Japan and Senegal fans together at the World Cup

    "Don't do this. Never do this again," she told the man. "Don't do this. I don't allow you to do this, never, OK? This is not polite. This is not right. Never do this. Never do this to a woman, OK? Respect."

    Guimarães later wrote on Twitter that it's "hard to find words" for the incident, and that it had happened to her twice already in Russia.

    The other incident happened to her at the Egypt and Uruguay game, as revealed in a subsequent article for Globo.(opens in a new tab)

    "It's awful. I feel helpless, vulnerable. This time I gave an answer, but it's sad, people do not understand. I wanted to understand why you think you have a right to do that," she said, according a translation.

    Earlier this year, Brazilian journalists started a hashtag called #DeixaElaTrabalhar, or "Let Them Work," coming together to stop harassment on the job and to demand respect.

    "We are women and we are professionals," more than a dozen reporters said in a video.