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Train company responds to womans complaint about sexist behaviour with, uh, more sexism

2023-05-17 11:53:54 author:sh419

Train company responds to womans complaint about sexist behaviour with, uh, more sexism

Train company responds to womans complaint about sexist behaviour with, uh, more sexism(图1)

Heads up, companies: when a woman makes a complaint about the misogynist behaviour of a male employee, take her seriously.

Sadly, this isn't what happened when a woman complained to a UK train company about the dismissive and patronising conduct of one of their train conductors. Instead, her complaint was met with a snarky and completely tone deaf response.

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Emily Lucinda Cole tweeted a complaint to Virgin Trains East Coast that an older male train manager dismissed her in a "patronising" way, calling her "honey."

But, the social media manager behind the Virgin Trains Twitter account chose to respond with more patronising language.

"Sorry for the mess up Emily, would you prefer "pet" or "love" next time?" they wrote, before signing off with the initials "MS."

Cole tweeted a screenshot of the tweets, stating that she was "stunned" at the response.

"Wonderful to see that @(opens in a new tab)virgin_trainsEC(opens in a new tab) take complaints of rude and misogynistic behaviour seriously. Stunned," wrote Cole.

Train company responds to womans complaint about sexist behaviour with, uh, more sexism(图2)

The tweet by "MS" was later deleted, and Virgin Trains posted an apology stating that they deleted the tweeted to "avoid causing more offence."

But the initial tone-deaf response didn't go unnoticed on Twitter.

Virgin Trains did not respond immediately to Mashable's request for comment.

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  • Two people trying to run the same government agency makes for a really awkward first day

    Two people trying to run the same government agency makes for a really awkward first day


    Revolutionaries, take note -- if you're planning a government takeover, please use high quality breakfast pastries.

    That's a lesson that White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney(opens in a new tab) apparently hadn't learned when he stepped into the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau today. He was there to take on an additional job as the agency's director.

    The only problem? The agency's acting director, Leandra English, refused to cede it to him, in the workplace drama of the decade.

    As a Trump appointee, Mulvaney wasn't exactly welcomed at at the job, so he brought crappy Dunkin' Donuts as a way to "ease" himself into an agency he's expected to destroy.

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    On Friday, Director Richard Cordray(opens in a new tab) stepped down, leaving English to serve as acting director. Last night, English filed a lawsuit claiming that she is the "rightful acting director" of the agency. English has asked the court to impose a temporary restraining order to prevent Trump from appointing anyone, arguing that she is entitled to her position under the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Law(opens in a new tab).

    None of that stopped Mulvaney. On Monday, the Budget Director stepped into the CFPB, ready to take on his new job.

    This is how English responded in an email sent to 1,600 staff.

    "I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. With Thanksgiving in mind, I wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude to all of you for your service,” English said(opens in a new tab), signing the note with her title, "Acting Director."

    And that, my friends, is what we call a death drop.

    Via Giphy(opens in a new tab)

    Here's how Mulvaney responded:

    “Please disregard any instructions you receive from Ms. English in her presumed capacity as acting director.” Mulvaney said(opens in a new tab). “I apologize for this being the very first thing you hear from me. However, under the circumstances I suppose it is necessary. If you’re at 1700 G Street today, please stop by the fourth floor to say hello and grab a doughnut.”

    If Mulvaney, a budget hawk, thinks he can sway members of an agency whose jobs he's poised to eliminate with Dunkin' Donuts, he's out of his mind. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau(opens in a new tab) was explicitly designed to protect consumers from banks and credit card companies. Mulvaney once famously called the agency "sad" and "sick." He is not, as members of the agency likely know, their friend.

    And dude, if you're going to try and win your staff over with breakfast pastries, at least go for something slightly more delicious than Dunkin'. Some suggestions:

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      Entenmann's Coffee Cake

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    • Literally anything else

    The case is currently being decided. In the meantime, here's Twitter's majority opinion on the issue:

    Chef José Andrés, the man who single-handedly served 3 million meals to Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria, had the best response of them all.

    Case closed.

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    Woman posts video of crocodile attack, and it is heartstopping


    Welp, this is a close call.

    A tourist was bitten on the leg by a crocodile on at Cape Tribulation in Queensland, Australia on Monday night, while standing on a creek bank close to the waters edge.

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    A Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) spokesperson said in a statement the crocodile was estimated to be 2 to 2.5 metres (78 to 98 inches) long.

    A video posted on the Facebook page of Ally Bullifent shows the crocodile attack, which comes out of nowhere. It'll be sure to give you a shock.


    The EHP said it would carry out a site assessment of the area on Tuesday, and will possibly target the crocodile "for removal" as it has displayed dangerous behaviour in a designated area. This means it'll be moved to a crocodile farm or a zoo, according to the Cairns Post(opens in a new tab).

    For authorities, it also serves as a reminder about staying safe in areas where crocodiles might be around. Earlier this year, an 18-year-old boy was attacked by a crocodile while reportedly trying to impress a girl.

  • Town crier who announced Prince Harrys engagement to Meghan Markle is 100% fake

    Town crier who announced Prince Harrys engagement to Meghan Markle is 100% fake


    England, with its quirky traditions and old-fashioned customs, is a land of endless fascination for outsiders, nominally for people from the former colony of the U.S.

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    So it's understandable why a town crier -- with his elaborate, red and gold robed dress and tricorn hat -- attracted people's attention on social media when he was depicted in an ABC News video as he announces the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement outside of Buckingham Palace:

    "Oyez, oyez, oyz!" He yells in the video. "Buckingham Palace is proud to announce the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. God save the Queen!" 

    It can't get any more British than this.

    Business Insider posted a similar video, calling him "the Royal Town Crier":

    However, it turns out the eccentric guy is not officially appointed by the Queen, nor is he a real town crier. His real name is Tony Appleton, from Romford, east London, and he's been making royal announcements for years, bell and scroll on hand.


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    But what if behind the jolly facade of a couple in love wishing to declare their commitment before God and the nation there's an actual conspiracy to reclaim a former colony, lost in a never-forgotten, embittered war?

    That's the joke Greg Pollowitz, editor at, dug up to explain the royal announcement:

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    The video was captured by Joris Wiggers and posted on Facebook by Elizabeth Herman(opens in a new tab). It's not entirely clear that the dog knows how to get his paw off the horn, but no problem, doggo, that's what driver's permits are for.


    Can someone please call this dog an Uber?

  • Arbys bought Buffalo Wild Wings, so heres what a combined menu would look like

    Arbys bought Buffalo Wild Wings, so heres what a combined menu would look like


    On Tuesday it was announced that Arby's owner Roark Capital will acquire(opens in a new tab) Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.4 billion (or roughly(opens in a new tab) 162,271,805 orders of BWW House Samplers).

    Per Reuters(opens in a new tab), though the wings restaurant will become property of Arby's, it'll still operate on its own.

    SEE ALSO: This edible Alien Facehugger chicken will haunt your dreams

    We think this is a huge mistake.

    Consider the disturbing menu possibilities a marriage of Arby's meats and BWW wings might afford us.

    Our suggestions for this menu full of abominations below:

    • A half-pound Beef 'N Cheddar sandwich dipped in Bourbon Honey Mustard sauce, rolled in Desert Heat seasoning and deep fried

    • An entire smoked brisket coated in Blazin' hot sauce and served whole on a bed of deep-fried Cheddar Cheese Curds

    • Potato cakes drenched in Wild sauce

    • Beer-battered roast beef tacos

    • An Arby's House Sampler, featuring 12 classic Roast Beef sandwiches stacked in a pyramid

    • A Crispy Chicken Farmhouse Salad dressed with Hot BBQ sauce

    • (图2)

      Boneless Wings coated in Cheddar Cheese sauce

    • A Corned Beef 'N Cheese Slider cut up into pieces and sprinkled over Buffalo Mac & Cheese

    • A Cheese Curd Bacon Burger with a Pizza Slider speared on top

    • Every Arby's slider stacked in a tower and adhered to each another with smears of Parmesan Garlic sauce

    • The pastry shell of an Apple Turnover, filled with the B-Dubs Blender shake flavor of your choice

    • A large Ultimate Chocolate Shake blended with a slice of Chocolate Fudge Cake and drizzled over a plate of Dessert Nachos

    • Cheesecake Bites

  • Cops share photo of a driver that went a little too hard with their Christmas tree

    Cops share photo of a driver that went a little too hard with their Christmas tree


    Look, if you want to cut down a massive Christmas tree, and stick it up inside your two-story living room, go for it. But maybe don't endanger anyone's life in the process.

    Police in Massachusetts put up a post on their Facebook page on Friday, reminding people to please transport their Christmas trees safely. They really shouldn't have to do this, but here we are.

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    "One of our officer's stopped this vehicle on Route 20 today," the cops said on Facebook(opens in a new tab), posting a photo of what appears to be a Prius topped with a Christmas tree.

    The tree is so large, it completely obstructs the view of the side and rear windows. It's not clearly visible, but we're also guessing that it wasn't tied down very well.


    While the tree transport was outrageous to say the least, most people in the comments were upset that the police decided to call the tree a "holiday tree" instead of a Christmas tree.

  • The best Maxine Waters moments of 2017

    The best Maxine Waters moments of 2017


    2017 was the year Congresswoman Maxine Waters was elected president of All in With Chris Hayes.

    From the moment she declared that the director of the FBI had "no legitimacy" and then death dropped in front of a gaggle of shellshocked reporters, 79-year-old Auntie Maxine has had our blood loyalty. Every floor she walked on in 2017, whether it was in the Capitol or at the MTV Movie Awards, became her stage and ultimately, a property in her empire.

    More so than any other "deplorable" president with a Ziploc bag of fleas for a brain, Maxine Waters was the de facto leader of the free world/MSNBC in 2017.

    SEE ALSO: Interview: Maxine Waters thinks millennials can change politics for everyone (yes, everyone)

    Congresswoman Waters gave us so many viral gifts in 2017. Here are just a few of them.

    1. The time she accused James Comey of having no credibility and then just walked on out

    2. When she revealed that she was "never going to go" to Trump's Inauguration because, "I don't honor him, I don't respect him and I don't want to be involved with him."

    3. The time she was asked what she would do once she was done impeaching Trump, and she replied: "Impeach Pence."

    4. When she delivered MTV's first ever "Best Fight Against the System" award, did a plié, and got a standing ovation.

    5. When she tweeted that it was time for our "racist throwback" Attorney General to go back "to the plantation"

    6. Her "Bye, Felicia" moment

    7. When she busted out this stunner of jean jacket, rose pants ensemble at the Tax March

    Credit: tom williams/CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

    8. When she started railing against Trump and told a room full of supporters, "We've got to stop his ass"

    9. The moment she just said it:


    10. And the tweet that did it too:

    11. That day Bill O'Reilly tried to humiliate Auntie Maxine and just ... lol, sorry bro. She can't be intimidated.

    12. When she "reclaimed her time" from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

    13. So the internet did too

    14. And the Women's March made "Reclaiming my time" the theme of a whole convention

    Credit: rachel woolf/The Washington Post/Getty Images

    15. When Congresswoman Maxine Waters finally passed on her torch to the generation that needs it the most.

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    Celebrate National Crafting Month with some all-time low Cricut deals — plus more of todays best finds

    We've rounded up the best deals we could find on March 15 — here are some of our top picks:


    • BEST STREAMING DEAL: Apple TV+(Opens in a new tab)free $6.99/month (save $20.97) for three months

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    Searching for ways to save money on March 15? Cool it. We've got you covered.

    March isn't known for any major deal holidays, but that doesn't mean there aren't ways to save. Since it's National Crafting Month, we're seeing some of the biggest discounts on Cricut machines and extensions since Cyber Week. Plus, Amazon and Apple have slashed prices on some of their most popular gadgets (all-time low prices on iPads and AirPods, anyone?). You can also score free streaming on Apple TV+, a Surface Pro X for more than 60% off, and plenty more. We've done the work for you and rounded up the best deals we could find for you on March 15. Now, all you have to do is scroll and shop.

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    free for three months at Best Buy (save $20.97)
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    Why we like it

    The third and rumored final season of Ted Lasso premieres today on Apple TV+(Opens in a new tab). If you want to get in on the action, you'll need an Apple TV+ subscription, and the best way to get one is via Best Buy. Typically, you'd need to buy a new Apple gadget in order to snag a free trial. But for a limited time, Best Buy lets new and returning subscribers snag three free months of the service with no strings attached. All you'll need is an Apple ID with a payment method on file and you're good to go. After your three-month trial period, your subscription automatically renews at $6.99 per month — be sure to cancel ahead of time if you want to avoid being charged.

    More streaming and subscription deals

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    Best home deal

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    More home deals

    Kitchen deals

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    Other home deals

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    Best tech deal

    (Opens in a new tab)
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    Our pick: Microsoft 13-inch Surface Pro X (Microsoft SQ 2, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD) (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
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    • Sony SRSXB33 wireless waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker(Opens in a new tab) $79 $178 (save $99)

    • Jabra Elite 4 Active Bluetooth earbuds(Opens in a new tab)$79.99 $119.99 (save $40)

    • JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speaker(Opens in a new tab) — $91.96 $149.95 (save $57.99)

    • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core(Opens in a new tab)$110 $129.99 (save $19.99)

    • Beats Solo3 wireless headphones(Opens in a new tab)$130.01 $199.95 (save $69.94)

    • JBL Xtreme 2 portable Bluetooth speaker(Opens in a new tab)$179.99 $349.99 (save $170)

    • LG S65Q 3.1ch high-res sound bar(Opens in a new tab) — $196.99 $399.99 (save $203)

    • Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series portable Bluetooth party speaker(Opens in a new tab)$198 $349.99 (save $151.99) + 4 free months of Amazon Music Unlimited

    • ASUS 11.60-inch Vivobook L210 laptop (Intel Celeron N4020, 4GB RAM, 128GB eMMC)(Opens in a new tab)$199.99 $249.99 (save $50) + one year of Office 365 Personal

    • Bose SoundLink Revolve+ (Series II) portable Bluetooth speaker(Opens in a new tab)$229 $329 (save $100)

    • JBL PartyBox portable Bluetooth party speaker(Opens in a new tab)$229.95 $349.95 (save $120)

    • JBL Boombox 2 portable Bluetooth speaker(Opens in a new tab)$299.95 $449.95 (save $150)

    • Microsoft 13-inch Surface Pro X (Microsoft SQ 2, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD)(Opens in a new tab)$557.99 $1,499.99 (save $942)

    • HP Envy Desktop (Intel Core i9, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) with keyboard and mouse(Opens in a new tab)$1,229.99 $1,699.99 (save $470)

    • ASUS ROG Zephyrus 14-inch gaming laptop (AMD Ryzen 9, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon RX 6800S, 1TB SSD)(Opens in a new tab)$1,299.99 $1,899.99 (save $600)

    • Dell XPS 13 Plus 13.4-inch touch-screen laptop (Intel Evo i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD)(Opens in a new tab)$1,299.99 $1,849.99 (save $550) + 6 free months of Trend Micro internet security

    Amazon device deals

    • Echo Dot (3rd gen, 2018 release)(Opens in a new tab)$19.99 $39.99 (save $20)

    • Fire TV Stick(Opens in a new tab)$19.99 $39.99 (save $20 with code NEW23)

    • Fire TV Stick 4K(Opens in a new tab)$24.99 $49.99 (save $25 with code UP4K23)

    • Fire TV Stick 4K Max(Opens in a new tab)$32.99 $54.99 (save $22 with code FTVMAX22)

    • Blink smart home doorbells and cameras(Opens in a new tab)starting at $34.99 (save up to 48%)

    • Echo Dot (5th gen, 2022 release)(Opens in a new tab)$34.99 $49.99 (save $15)

    • Echo Auto (2nd gen, 2022 release)(Opens in a new tab)$39.99 $54.99 (save $15)

    • Echo Dot (5th gen, 2022 release) with clock(Opens in a new tab)$44.99 $59.99 (save $15)

    • Echo Dot (5th gen, 2022 release) Kids(Opens in a new tab) — $49.99 $59.99 (save $10)

    • Echo Buds (2nd gen) with wired charging case(Opens in a new tab)$79.99 $119.99 (save $40)

    • Halo Rise bedside sleep tracker(Opens in a new tab)$99.99 $139.99 (save $40)

    • Echo Buds (2nd gen) with wireless charging case(Opens in a new tab)$99.99 $139.99 (save $40)

    • Amazon Fire HD 10-inch tablet (32GB)(Opens in a new tab)$119.99 $149.99 (save $30)

    • Fire TV Cube(Opens in a new tab)$124.99 $139.99 (save $15)

    • Amazon Fire HD 10-inch tablet (64GB)(Opens in a new tab) — $129.99 $189.99 (save $60)

    • Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus tablet (32GB)(Opens in a new tab)$139.99 $179.99 (save $40)

    Apple device deals

    • Apple Pencil (2nd generation)(Opens in a new tab)$89 $129 (save $40)

    • Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation)(Opens in a new tab)$199.99 $249 (save $49.01)

    • Apple 2021 10.2-inch iPad (WiFi, 64GB)(Opens in a new tab) $249.99 $329 (save $79.01)

    • Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS + Cellular, 41mm)(Opens in a new tab)$429 $499 (save $70)

    • Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS + Cellular, 45mm)(Opens in a new tab)$459 $529 (save $70)

    • MacBook Pro 14-inch laptop (M1 Pro chip, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD)(Opens in a new tab)$1,599 $1,999 (save $400)

  • Michael B. Jordan had the perfect response to this tweet about him still living with his parents

    Michael B. Jordan had the perfect response to this tweet about him still living with his parents


    Michael B. Jordan may be a no-holds-barred badass in the world of Wakanda, but IRL he's actually just a nice guy.

    He's happy to honour a lost bet, he's a big fan of anime, and he shares a home with his parents.

    SEE ALSO: Lupita Nyong'o is still making Michael B. Jordan do pushups, and it's still hilarious

    On Thursday, a tweet describing some of these lesser-known Jordan facts went viral.

    So viral, in fact, that it caught the attention of the man himself. And he wanted to set the record straight on a few things...



    Turns out he really is a big anime fan, too.

    Good for you, Michael B. Jordan. In 2018, no man should have to hide his love for anime.

  • TikTok is proof that people can make any social media network into a dating app

    TikTok is proof that people can make any social media network into a dating app

    This year Mashable is celebrating the season of love with Horny on Main, an exploration of the many ways that thirsting for sex affects our lives.


    Every app eventually becomes a dating app.

    With Twitter and Instagram users sliding into each others’ DMs(Opens in a new tab), and Facebook trying to jack Tinder’s swag(Opens in a new tab), it certainly appears that way. Even sites like Next Door(Opens in a new tab), a social network site for neighborhoods, get in on the action with thirsty posts from users looking for dates (or, let's be real, hookups).

    Is TikTok any different?

    “Users aren’t going on there to swipe left and right to match with someone,” Andrew Selepak, PhD, a media professor at the University of Florida and director of the graduate program in social media there, told Mashable. “But it doesn’t mean that people are not meeting on there, or starting relationships from virtual meetings over social media,” he continued. Like Twitter and Instagram, TikTok is the latest iteration of the “slide into DMs”-type of online dating.

    Arguably, the most famous person so far to announce they're looking for love on TikTok is YouTuber James Charles(Opens in a new tab), who has amassed millions of subscribers in the beauty community (and has had his fair share of drama within it as well). “I made one major observation since downloading TikTok a few weeks ago, and it’s that this app is pretty much a dating app,” he said. “Everyone on here is either in a very cute relationship or is painfully single.”

    @jamescharles(Opens in a new tab)

    TIK TOK BACHELOR 🌹 this may be the biggest mistake of my life but who knows what could happen?? 🥺

    ♬ original sound - jamescharles(Opens in a new tab)

    Charles said he wanted to play “TikTok Bachelor” in an effort to put himself out there in 2020. He went on to describe his personality and interests as if writing his Tinder bio.

    While Charles did not respond to Mashable’s request for comment, it’s easy to see what he's talking about. Typing “date me” into the search bar yields hashtags that have millions upon millions of views, the most popular being “#someonedateme,” which has over 25 million views. Also popular are “#datemeplz,” “plsdateme,” and “reasonstodateme,” which have millions of views each.

    "Date me" hashtags Credit: tiktok

    TikTok users themselves are also questioning whether they could find love on the video-sharing app, with “#istiktokadatingapp” racking up millions of views.

    "Dating app" hashtags Credit: tiktok

    “We all know TikTok lowkey a dating app,” captioned TikTok user Maya Gutowski, who rejected actual dating apps Tinder and Bumble in a green screen extravaganza(Opens in a new tab).

    Given that TikTok is the second-most downloaded app of 2019(Opens in a new tab) (just behind WhatsApp) and has amassed 1.5 billion downloads(Opens in a new tab), its trends can make a serious impact. It has become not just a springboard for users to garner viral fame(Opens in a new tab) in practically record time, it's also an outlet for those users — many of them in Generation Z — to express themselves.

    Teens make TikToks about hot-button issues such as the Australian bushfires and impeachment(Opens in a new tab). Queer teens are seeking refuge on the app(Opens in a new tab). Memes, like jokes as a whole, can serve as a coping mechanism(Opens in a new tab). It's no surprise that teens have flocked to a social network that they use to communicate universal concerns and desires. While they might joke about needing a date and wanting a solution to loneliness, there's a nugget of truth there.

    SEE ALSO: Byte is hoping to be the next Vine. But can it overtake TikTok?

    These ‘toks are basically makeshift dating profiles, putting users’ best qualities on display — even if it’s text overlaid on video of them dancing to a viral song. The text may reveal their occupation, or desirable traits like ability to cook. But it's the dancing or song choice in the video and how they really present themselves that displays a side of their personality dating apps can't (at least presently).

    “We love that the platform encourages people to be their authentic selves, whether that’s sharing the quirky side of a loving relationship or the endearing attributes that make someone TikTok’s most eligible bachelor,” said TikTok's spokesperson.

    User @lensgrunt’s TikTok is captioned “When you’re done with the fucbois, I’ll be waiting…”(Opens in a new tab) under the “#someonedateme” hashtag, and it really does read like a makeshift dating profile. Grunt demonstrates his talent for photography by showing off his DSLR and points to his work ethic by dancing near a sign that reads "Discipline Equals Freedom." Even the caption feels like something you’d see on Tinder.

    “Everyone is posting ‘reasons why I’m single’ videos so I thought I might flip the concept on its head and see what happens,” Grunt told Mashable in an Instagram DM.

    Becky Denis shared a similar TikTok(Opens in a new tab) on her page, where she used audio from another user, Sean Oberg’s, TikTok about people liking the video if they want to go out on a date.

    @beckdenis(Opens in a new tab)

    Enough said #artober(Opens in a new tab) #eyeslipsface(Opens in a new tab) #lookalikes(Opens in a new tab) #someonedateme(Opens in a new tab)

    ♬ original sound - seanoberg(Opens in a new tab)

    “I wanna do a little test, if you would seriously date me — like a serious date — I want you to like this,” Oberg’s audio proclaims. “No one else ‘like’ this if you won’t… I wanna see how many of you would really.” While Oberg did not respond to Mashable’s request for comment, Denis did. Her video had received more than 14,000 likes at the time of publication.

    “I think TikTok is just an app that brings teens and young adults together because you never know who will be on your ‘for you’ page. And I have met many amazing people on TikTok,” she said over Instagram DM.

    Unfortunately, you can't discuss the cutesy, well-intentioned flirty TikToks without also acknowledging the darker side of the app. Given its young user base, predators have abused it(Opens in a new tab). Underage teens have also participated in nudity “challenges,” where they drop their pants in front of a filter. This has led to predators posing as women to message them, according to a report from MEL Magazine(Opens in a new tab).

    Unlike apps like Instagram and Twitter, both of which are most popular(Opens in a new tab) with the 18-29(Opens in a new tab) age demographic, TikTok’s target audience is between 13 and 17, according to Selepak. This leaves young people, particularly young women, vulnerable to receiving messages from older men.

    “You never know who you will find, and many of us do try to find ‘dates’ or try to find a 'boy/girl' for them.”

    “While the innocence of love might exist with people meeting and starting up relationships after contacting someone whose video they saw on TikTok, more devious things could also be occurring as well,” Selepak said. “Which makes it something parents should consider when their child creates a TikTok account for others to view.”

    Even if a user isn't underage, there is still potential for abuse. “In discussions with numerous women in particular, I have been shocked to hear how many of them receive DMs from strangers trying to hit on them, start up a conversation with sexual overtones, or ask for graphic content,” Selepak said. On TikTok, a user cannot message another unless they both follow each other. The app does, however, make it easy to link to other social platforms where users can DM strangers.

    TikTok has exploded in the past two years, but it’s still in its infancy compared to other apps. Just as other social media networks — and dedicated dating apps — have made steps to curb similar behavior, TikTok may follow suit. There's already a section of TikTok's blog dedicated to safety awareness(Opens in a new tab).

    And, as with social media as a whole, despite TikTok’s problems, there is room for genuine connection. Denis told Mashable she posted her video because the sound component of the original went viral and produced other viral videos, giving it greater potential for hers to go viral as well — but also because “There are so many good looking boys on tiktok, and you never know who you will find, and many of us do try to find ‘dates’ or try to find a 'boy/girl' for them.”

    Denis doesn't think people wanting to date on TikTok is “serious serious,” but rather, a chance to see who likes and comments. But one “never knows” who will comment and like — a new friend, or something more, can arise. Denis has met many people on the app that she stays in contact with, she said.

    Grunt said he did not expect dates to come from his TikTok, and that he hasn't gotten any because the women interested him are not local. “It has garnered a lot of female followers, though,” he said.

    No "TikTok power couples" have emerged just yet, but it's all but inevitable. In any case, on social media, a follow may be even more flattering than a date.

  • Pretty pink salads are the photogenic dish lighting up Instagram

    Pretty pink salads are the photogenic dish lighting up Instagram


    Sure, you've heard and seen just about everything in so-called millennial pink.

    OK, but how about in your salad? A pink chicory called Radicchio del Veneto is lighting up Instagram feeds and restaurants with its photogenic, bright shades of pink.

    SEE ALSO: Behold the millennial dream: pink cheese that tastes like Prosecco

    The variety of radicchio is primarily grown in the Veneto region in Italy, but is also grown in California, Pennsylvania, and in other places around the U.S., according to Eater(opens in a new tab), who dubbed its taste "slightly bitter, slightly sweet."

    The vegetable develops that pink hue by being "forced," which essentially means it's grown for a certain time, harvested, then replanted and grown in the dark so sunlight doesn't reach its stem.

    View this post on Instagram


    (opens in a new tab)

    Those rosy leaves certainly make for an interesting addition to salads, as evidenced by this dish by New York City's King restaurant. Especially if you're not so big on the greens.

    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)
    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)
    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)

    Or heck, it'd just make for one pretty flower.

    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)
    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)
    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab)

  • Lottie London is accepting blood donations as payment for its Vampire Diaries collection

    Lottie London is accepting blood donations as payment for its Vampire Diaries collection

    Calling all Vampire Diaries stans, makeup lovers, and do-gooders.


    The UK-based and very online beauty brand Lottie London is launching an online campaign(Opens in a new tab) for their latest makeup collection in an unorthodox fashion. The "Love Sucks" collection, which features seven pieces of makeup based on the teen drama The Vampire Diaries, comes at an already affordable price point. But if you want to get your hands on it for free, all you have to do is donate some blood and post about it on social media. 

    Credit: Lottie London

    Lottie London prides itself on creativity, inclusivity, and affordability, and the company markets to Gen Z beauty lovers by quickly hopping on social media trends and plugging into what matters most to young people. In creating this campaign, dubbed Blood for Beauty, it honed in on two dominant online conversations: nostalgia and social justice. 

    "Nostalgia is really one of the driving efforts, driving trends within beauty collaboration overall for the Gen Z audience," Lottie London's Global Marketing Director, Nora Zukauskaite, told Mashable. "So we were thinking, if we were to do something for Halloween, what would be the truly iconic show we could work with? Which [show] would resonate with the theme, would be a bit nostalgic and absolutely loved by our community? And surprise, surprise, Vampire Diaries came up."

    SEE ALSO: Why Gen Z is plugging in wired headphones and tuning out AirPods

    Though TVD started in 2009 and last aired in 2017, its fanbase is currently stronger than ever. As Gen Z looks back to the early 2000s in search of the comfort of a pre-pandemic world(Opens in a new tab), the hit teen vampire show fits right in. On TikTok, audio clips(Opens in a new tab) from characters like Caroline and Stefan constantly go viral. On DePop(Opens in a new tab), sellers will market long sleeve t-shirts as "Elena GIlbert-core." The combination of campy teen vampire drama and steamy romance hits just the right nerve, giving the show such impressive staying power that fans were devastated when Netflix announced(Opens in a new tab) it would be leaving its lineup earlier this month. 

    On the other side of the campaign, Lottie London is hoping to tap into young people's passion for social issues. In a press release, the brand cites research(Opens in a new tab) that 85 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds do not currently donate blood, and in accepting blood donations as a form of payment, it's hoping to galvanize its young fanbase into helping to fight the U.S.'s current blood shortage(Opens in a new tab)

    "I really strongly believe that Gen Z is really a godsend," said Zukauskaite. "They're the people who really put the social costs at the center of everything they do. And the response so far that we've received is really, truly overwhelming on our social channels. The engagement of the posts was unbelievable. Our post engagement increased by 500 percent [while] our reach increased by 80 percent. And that's a fantastic stat, which completely shows that putting the social costs at the center of a campaign for a Gen Z audience really resonates." 

    The Blood for Beauty campaign will run throughout the month of October. To participate, fans can take a selfie outside a blood donation site, preferably with donation proof like a sticker, and post to Instagram or TikTok, tagging both Lottie London and #BloodForBeauty. The "Love Sucks" collection is now available online and in-store at Walmart. 

  • 11 times people failed hard on ice

    11 times people failed hard on ice


    Ice is a cruel and fickle beast.

    Look, everyone loves to watch the Winter Olympics and think they could look just as fabulous as Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir(opens in a new tab) gliding along to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack on the ice. But let's face it — we're all more likely to fall on a patch of black ice in the parking of lot of supermarket and lose three years off our life from the shock than take home the gold.

    Here are some examples of the times when ice took the gold instead of humans.

    SEE ALSO: Parkour legend casually flips and slides on giant ice sculptures like it's NBD

    1. Head over heels in love

    2. If at first you don't succeed

    3. Give that man 10 points for style


    4. Put your back into it!

    5. It takes two to tango

    6. 🎵 I get knocked down, but I get up again 🎵

    7. That dog didn't even try to help

    8. Karma hurts


    9. ...and he sticks the landing!

    10. Even beloved national icons have their bad days

    11. The things parents do for their kids

  • On TikTok, #FreeBritney conspiracy theories run deep

    On TikTok, #FreeBritney conspiracy theories run deep

    An online campaign is calling for the end of Britney Spears' conservatorship so the pop star can gain financial and personal independence. Some believe she's sending SOS messages to supporters in coded social media posts.


    The tag #FreeBritney has roughly 140 million views on TikTok, and 104,000 posts on Instagram. Supporters demand that Spears, who hasn't made major financial or career decisions since a mental health crisis(Opens in a new tab) in 2008, be freed from her father's legal guardianship.

    What is conservatorship?

    In many states, including where Spears resides in California, a judge will appoint a conservator for an adult who can't make their own life decisions, like the elderly or mentally impaired. A New York Times(Opens in a new tab) investigation into Spears' conservatorship reported that Spears "cannot make key decisions, personal or financial, without the approval of her conservators: her father, Jamie Spears, and a lawyer, Andrew M. Wallet." Everything, from Starbucks purchases to iTunes revenue, is tracked. In the documentary(Opens in a new tab) The Guardians, certified Nevada guardian Susan Hoy likened conservatorship to "stepping into that person's shoes" as the guardian has "full access into their life."

    But despite being legally dependent on her father and lawyer, Spears has continued to perform and release music. From a residency in Las Vegas to a stint as an X Factor judge, Spears has continued working, which is rare for someone under conservatorship. Her $60 million fortune(Opens in a new tab) and any business deals that involve it, however, remains under the control of her father. Wallet stepped down as co-conservator in March 2019, and Jamie Spears resigned in September 2019, citing health concerns. Spears is under the temporary conservatorship(Opens in a new tab) of her care manager, Jodi Montgomery.

    Spears' court-appointed attorney Stanton Stein told the Los Angeles Times(Opens in a new tab) that the pop star is "always involved in every career and business decision, period."

    While Spears has rarely appeared in public unsupervised, much less commented on how she feels about her legal status, a 2008 Rolling Stone(Opens in a new tab) recording caught her saying, "I basically just want my life back...I want to be able to drive my car. I want to be able to live in my house by myself. I want to be able to say who's going to be my security guard."

    In an April 2019 Instagram post, roughly three months after she canceled her Las Vegas residency and three weeks after she checked into a mental health facility, Spears assured fans of her independence.

    "Don't believe everything you read and hear. Your love and dedication is amazing, but what I need right now is a little bit of privacy to deal with all the hard things that life is throwing my way," Spears wrote in the Instagram caption. "You may not know this about me, but I am strong, and stand up for what I want!"

    Related Video: From makeup to true crime: A look inside the weird world of YouTube mashups

    What is the goal of the #FreeBritney movement?

    The #FreeBritney movement seeks to end Spears' conservatorship and raise awareness about conservatorship abuse. Supporters argue that conservatorship is a protective measure for incapacitated individuals, and they feel Spears' work over the last decade prove that she is far from incapacitated.

    The Instagram account freebritneyla, which has also organized rallies in support of Spears and provided supporters with actionable items to help the cause, alleges that the conservatorship is a cash grab for those who manage her.

    "For 12 years, she has been denied basic human rights under a legal tool reserved for incapacitated individuals that generates millions of dollars in revenue for her team," freebritneyla wrote in an Instagram(Opens in a new tab) caption.

    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

    Action items include(Opens in a new tab) attending rallies in support of Spears, signing petitions to assign her a new lawyer, and demanding an independent audit of Spears' conservatorship. The leaders of the movement also suggest writing to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to demand a statewide investigation of the probate court system, which supporters say exploited Spears.

    Why is this gaining traction now?

    The #FreeBritney movement has a renewed sense of urgency as fans believe Spears is sending coded cries for help through her social media posts.

    In one particularly frantic video(Opens in a new tab) posted to her TikTok, Spears wishes the LGBTQ community a happy Pride month. In the comments, TikTok users urged her to "wear yellow" and "do a spin" if she needed help. In the next video(Opens in a new tab) Spears posted to both Instagram and TikTok, she spins into the frame wearing a yellow top and holding a bouquet, a "surprise" from her florist. She then walks back and forth across the frame for the duration of the video.

    TikTok users were immediately alarmed by the new post, and conspiracy theories surrounding Spears' independence have flourished since. In a viral TikTok with over 630,000 likes, a fan posted screenshots of the comments from Spears' Pride video, and then played the clip of Spears spinning.

    Fans are convinced Britney Spears is asking for help in coded messages. Credit: TIKTOK / MEREDITH.BROWN
    Fans are convinced that Britney Spears is asking for help through coded messages. Credit: Tiktok / meredith brown

    A fan also asked her to post doves if she was in trouble, and days later Spears posted a Hans Zatzka painting that included doves. As The Cut(Opens in a new tab) notes though, Spears' Instagram posts receive thousands of comments and it's unlikely she reads all of them.

    A series of videos(Opens in a new tab) by former in-house director Andrew Gallery only fueled the movement on TikTok. Gallery worked with Spears on her 2008 documentary Britney: For the Record. He claimed that Spears gave him a letter discussing her conservatorship, but her conservators destroyed the original. Reading from a copy, he alleged that Spears complained she "has no rights."

    The letter, which is written in the third person, acknowledged the Spears "spun out of control" following her divorce from Kevin Federline, but that "any mother would."

    "As long as the people are getting paid, she has no rights. It could go on for a while. But it doesn't make it right at all," the letter continued. "She's a very giving person and would love to get the respect she deserves."

    Conspiracy theories thrive on TikTok; the app recently banned tags related to the far right conspiracy theory QAnon in an effort to curb its influence. As the #FreeBritney movement continues to gain traction on the platform, users are finding increasingly less credible connections. One viral TikTok video claimed(Opens in a new tab) Spears spelled out HELP in a recent Instagram post through specific poses. Another claimed(Opens in a new tab) that by adjusting the brightness and saturation of a recent Instagram post, fans could see 911 written in Spears' pupils.

    While far-fetched, other celebrities calling to #FreeBritney validates some of the theories. Paris Hilton, a longtime friend of the pop star, tagged(Opens in a new tab) a TikTok with #FreeBritney.

    Even Paris Hilton is posting #FreeBritney. Credit: Tiktok / paris hilton

    So what's next?

    The campaign to #FreeBritney is coming to a head with a renewed sense of urgency because Spears' mother, Lynne Spears, filed paperwork(Opens in a new tab) to be more involved in her daughter's finances. It's worth noting that Lynne Spears has also liked social media posts with the #FreeBritney tag.

    Spears was supposed to have a hearing regarding her temporary conservatorship in April, but because of the pandemic, it was pushed to July 22. Fans gathered(Opens in a new tab) at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles to show their support. The Blast(Opens in a new tab) reports that Spears was supposed to attend the hearing via Zoom, but didn't show up because of "technical difficulties." According to TMZ(Opens in a new tab), the hearing was sabotaged because people unrelated to the case crashed the virtual meeting. Her new court date is Aug. 19.

    Spears herself set up fans to "ask questions" in a recent Instagram post, but didn't address anything related to her conservatorship. Instead, she answered fans' burning questions about her favorite Disney movie (it's Frozen), her bedtime (between 11:30 PM and midnight), and her favorite flower (roses).

    It's possible she's trolling her fans for trying to get involved in her personal business. Devoted supporters may decipher more coded messages from her answers. But it's also possible that she's just being Britney Spears.

  • The best memes from President Joe Bidens Inauguration Day

    The best memes from President Joe Bidens Inauguration Day

    We meme'd it, Joe!


    On Wednesday, Joe Biden officially became the 46th president of the United States and Kamala Harris became America's first woman vice president.

    Biden's history-making inauguration — which took place in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, just two weeks after riots at the Capitol — looked a bit different than inaugurations past. But like every inauguration, it still delivered a plethora of meme-worthy moments.

    From early morning news that Donald Trump left Biden a note in the White House to ceremony attendees who stole the spotlight (like Sen. Bernie Sanders and his precious mittens,) here are some of the best memes from Inauguration Day.

    1. The highly anticipated Trump note

    In one final Trump administration plot twist, Trump carried out America's time-honored tradition of leaving a note for the incoming president. People didn't think Biden would have anything other than a nation in crisis and a freshly cleaned White House waiting for him after inauguration, but he reportedly has an authentic Trump note awaiting him. Naturally, Twitter users couldn't help but imagine what message Trump left.

    2. "Have a good life"

    Before Trump departed to Mar-a-Lago he gave a farewell speech that ended with some blunt, casual words that had some serious high school yearbook signature energy. "Have a good life," Trump said. HAGS HAGL!

    3. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie

    He is once again wearing the same coat. He's sporting a pair of adorable mittens(Opens in a new tab). He showed up with a mysterious envelope. You simply love to see some new Bernie memes.

    4. The gorgeous freakin fits

    It's worth noting that this inauguration was a remarkably fashionable event. It's almost like people have been stuck at home wearing sweats for a straight year and finally got the opportunity to dress up? They turned out in long coats, high boots, and fresh fits galore.

    5. Ella Emhoff's eyebrows

    Kamala Harris's stepchildren, Cole and Ella Emhoff, were in attendance to support and celebrate their Mom-ala. In addition to a fierce coat, Ella gave the internet this absolutely perfect reaction while in the presence of Mike Pence.

  • Hollywoods Walk of Fame vandalized with dozens of Donald Trump stars


    Hollywoods Walk of Fame vandalized with dozens of Donald Trump stars

    We regret to inform you that the streets of Hollywood were cursed with multiple replicas of Trump's star on Thursday.

    The president's Walk of Fame star was destroyed on last month by a guy wielding a pickaxe, who was later bailed out by the guy who also destroyed Trump's star with a pickaxe two years earlier. In response, the West Hollywood City Council unanimously voted to recommend getting rid of the star altogether on Tuesday because of Trump's "disturbing treatment of women and other actions," though Trump's star isn't even located(opens in a new tab) in the city limits of West Hollywood.

    SEE ALSO: West Hollywood City Council votes to remove Trump's Walk of Fame star

    In a tweet announcing the city council's symbolic vote, West Hollywood's mayor John Duran added "#horcruxdestroyed."

    Overnight, dozens of Trump stars appeared on the Walk of Fame. The anonymous artist warned(opens in a new tab) the Hollywood Reporter, "Rip up the president's Walk of Fame star or try to have it removed -- like you're the mayor of West Hollywood or something -- and 30 more will pop up."

    An account that calls itself "The Faction" claimed responsibility for the installation.

    "Take down his star, and we will descend upon you with 30 fresh new stars," the account tweeted. "We are MAGA Legion."

    Right, OK.

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    (opens in a new tab)

    The Faction also tweeted a video of their crew putting the installation together early in the morning. Wearing neon vests and hard hats, the crew surrounded actual stars with realistic vinyl stickers that looked like Trump's.

    The stickers were partially funded by a "young and anonymous entrepreneur." The Faction is a self described "rogue right-wing street artist," according to their Instagram(opens in a new tab) bio, and vows to "shower you Useful Idiots in glorious memes to manifest your Trump Derangement Syndrome demons." They collaborate with Sabo(opens in a new tab), another conservative street artist who tries to troll Hollywood with "provocative" art.

    In what they probably wanted to be a formidable message, The Faction tweeted, "Keep taking down the @realDonaldTrump star, and we will further spread Trump Derangement Syndrome by installing a never ending stream of stars."

    While "installing" the fake stars, the crew kept Trump's name covered until the last minute so bystanders wouldn't attack them.

    "I didn't want to get hit over the head from behind," the artist told the Hollywood Reporter. "We thought Trump Derangement Syndrome was a joke, but I'm pretty sure it's real."

    Trump Derangement System, according to Urban Dictionary(opens in a new tab), is a "mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason." CNN calls it(opens in a new tab) the "knee-jerk opposition from liberals (and Never Trumpers) to anything and everything Trump does." In other words: If you disagree with everything Trump says, a Trump supporter might diagnose you with TDS.

    Although The Faction's video showed mildly interested onlookers, not everyone was amused by the stunt. A Ripley's Believe It or Not! employee said that they started peeling off the stickers because they were worried about angry protestors destroying their property.

    "We didn't want to have what happened to the old star here," the employee told the Hollywood Reporter.

    A member of the service that cleans graffiti off the Walk of Fame said they found about 50 stars.

  • Zodiac meme Instagram will align the stars to make you feel seen

    Zodiac meme Instagram will align the stars to make you feel seen


    An Ode a weekly column where we share the stuff we're really into in hopes that you'll be really into it, too.

    The stars have aligned in perfect harmony... to call us all out.

    Hundreds of millennial and Gen Z astrology pros have created dedicated meme accounts to help us use our moon, sun, and rising signs to figure out just what the heck is going on in our lives. Brutally honest accounts like @astromemequeen(Opens in a new tab), @jakesastrology(Opens in a new tab), and @astrowonders(Opens in a new tab) give us their hilarious takes on how we're thriving, or not. But they can also show how we can all use our star signs to better relate to each other.


    View this post on Instagram
    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
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    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

    As these zodiac meme accounts have taken over Instagram feeds, they've been calling out everything from Scorpio moon coping mechanisms(Opens in a new tab), to Libra decision-making skills(Opens in a new tab), and Cancers being in their feelings(Opens in a new tab). Astrology memes are here for us to take a long, hard look at our lives, but will also allow us to laugh about our idiosyncrasies at the same time.

    The personalities behind the accounts themselves also have distinct voices, and create strong bonds with the followers they so lovingly use the stars to roast. One such popular account is @notallgeminis(Opens in a new tab). Courtney Perkins, who runs the account with almost 400,000 followers, frequently uses pop culture references and icons to get us in touch with our emotions.

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    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
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    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
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    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)


    Perkins also frequently uses Instagram polls to ask the tough questions — such as who's "most likely to get scammed in a pyramid scheme," Pisces or Leo? Or who's "more likely to zone out for a full 7 minutes at a group hang," Aquarius or Pisces? The answer to both questions was Pisces(Opens in a new tab).

    "I think people are looking for answers in any way that they can — especially in the younger age group, Perkins said in an interview with Insider(Opens in a new tab). "Most of us have given up on religion, our government has failed us, and this is something that is both a distraction and a way of understanding the people around us in a really laughable way that also feels just spiritual enough."

    No longer just relegated to the horoscope back page of a newspaper, these memes can take on all different kinds formats. Pie charts(Opens in a new tab), bingo cards(Opens in a new tab), adaptions of already popular memes(Opens in a new tab), mood boards(Opens in a new tab), and screenshots from popular cartoons(Opens in a new tab) are all fair game. But the message is still the same across accounts — we can make sense of the world, and our roles in it, by looking inside ourselves.

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    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)
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    (opens in a new tab) (Opens in a new tab)

    Sometimes that message can get muddled if you're not an expert on Neptunes(Opens in a new tab), stelliums(Opens in a new tab), or anything else just beyond your main sun sign. But part of the fun is deciphering how these memes fit our own lives.

    While these celestial call-out posts might feel a little too real at times, these memes speak to our innate need to feel understood. However petty it might seem, these accounts — and to a certain extent, astrology itself — has created a community of people able to vent and go through similar emotional struggles together.

    But hey, maybe that's just the Cancer rising, Pisces moon in me talking.